Medical 3D Printing Material — Polycaprolactone (PCL)

PCL has been approved by the FDA and offers a suitable material for 3D printing scaffolds due to high crystallinity and a low melting point. ….. The materials are already in use for a wide range of medical needs, including cranial repairs, screws to fix bone fractures, systems with sustained-release mechanisms, and already for use as a 3D printing matrix for hydroxyapatite scaffolds. PCL is also a bioabsorbable material that is deemed exceptionally safe…..

Due to high integration of new technology and biomaterials composite, There are more and more new preclinical animal study and human case study for distinct indication. For better bone integration with biodegradable polymer and ceramics mixture. Our MeDFila® PCL series offer alternative medical grade filament for such research topic and easier to bridge to product realization( or commercialization). Welcome all researcher from industrial and academic for further collaboration. For more information about PCL series filaments, please visit MeDFila®.

MeDFila® PCL series online store.

Article resource:

Sichuan University Researchers Examine Four Levels of 3D Printed PCL Scaffolds


Welcome to visit us @ 2018 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO  11/29-12/2

Booth: I1307

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A PORTAL to world-class medical teams and cutting-edge bio companies in Taiwan. 
Taiwan Healthcare+ provides anyone, anywhere in the world with convenient access to high-quality medical services and the burgeoning biotechnology industry in Taiwan, all certified and quality assured. This year, Advanced Biomedical Technology will show our medical grade 3D printing biodegradable filament – MeDFila® and future scenario of 3D printing service for medical application. Welcome to visit us and find out the potential of 3D printing at booth I1307. 



Medical-grade biodegradable 3D printing filament, printing system, and customized service @ Formnext 2018!

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Formnext is more than an exhibition and conference. It’s an entire platform for companies from the world of additive manufacturing. This year, Advanced Biomedical Technology will show our MeDFila® product portfolio for medical application. Welcome to visit us and find out the potential of biodegradable 3D printing filaments at booth B30E.

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MeDFila® is a brand of biodegradable 3D printing filaments with various composition of materials.

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Total Solution for you! We provide materials, printing system, and customized printing service for your innovative medical devices project. Take a look at our products and services.

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See you @ formnext! Check our medical-grade biodegradable 3D printing filaments—MeDFila

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Where will you be during Nov. 13-16? ABT team will be in Frankfurt, Germany at the formnext international exhibition. Visit us at our booth B30E! Welcome to see our medical-grade biodegradable 3D printing filaments MeDFilaTM and discuss your medical devices project with us. Get more information about formnext.
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Workshop | Application of biodegradable medical-grade filaments

Our CEO Bruce Chen was invited to give a talk about the application of biodegradable 3DP material for orthopedic implant at Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Shanghai JiaoTong University Schools of Medicine in China.

Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital is a leading hospital which provides 3D printing medical service to patients. In the meeting, Bruce shared his professional experience and accomplishments in biomaterial and demonstrate the potential application of medical-grade 3D printing filament “MeDFila” for the orthopedic implant. To know more about MeDFila, please visit: MeDFila


Material getting involv more in 3D printing

The world leading chemical company head into AM field with a strategic partner. It’s shown the great and bright future with AM integration with raw materials supplier. And we both find the image processing and materials property are synergized for better application. See the news”Optimizing materials and software for 3D printing

As a medical-grade 3D printing material provider, we believe this kind of cooperation will become more and more important, especially in medical application territory.

To see medical-grade material MeDFila.

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Using 3D Printing for Tissue Engineering Research?

Additive manufacturing (AM) has become popular and significant potential as a fabrication method in creating different type of scaffold for tissue engineering.  A researcher could easy to create a proper structure for a specific purpose by 3D printing. However, to choose a right material with good quality is very important for a successful research. MeDFila is a high-quality biodegradable 3D printing filament as an ideal material to make your scaffold for your tissues engineering research.

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Using 3D Printing for Orthopedic Research?

Additive Manufacture (AM) process had become popular in medical fields. Especially in the orthopedic field. Our filaments are design for those who are looking for medical-grade 3D printing filament to apply their idea in medical application. To know more about MeDFila please visit MeDFila.

New office for Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc, in Hsinchu Science Park

Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc, (ABT) announced that its office in Hsinchu Biomedical Park, which was first opened in 2016, has now relocated to a larger facility in the Hsinchu Science Park.

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The new headquarters office of Advanced Biomedical Technology in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Bruce Chen, CEO of ABT said “As a medical grade biodegradable material and biomedical additive manufacturing (AM) solution provider, we keep ahead and show our long-term commitment to provide high-quality biodegradable materials for additive manufacturing in the medical field. This facility combines our R&D and most advanced production plant, could provide our customers not only a single product but also a one-stop shop medical device development and manufacturing service with our own AM solution in the future.”

He continues, “In the past year, we made a great leap. Now we keep moving on to the next step to provide high-quality medical grade filaments to our customers and to discover more AM application in the medical field with our partner and customers.”

Contact details for the new office:

Advanced Biomedical Technology, Inc.
3F., No.22, Zhanye 2nd Rd., East Dist.,

Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan

Tel:   +886 3 6686948
Fax:   +886 3 6686894

About Advanced Biomedical Technology, Inc.

Advanced biomedical technology (ABT) is a start-up who focusing on developing biodegradable material for 3D printing and 3D printing medical implant. ABT provides high-quality medical-grade biodegradable filaments for additive manufacturing application. In addition, ABT provides design, development and manufacturing service of medical implants to our customer.

Discover the potential of biodegradable 3D printing filament with us @ formnext 2018 13~16 November in Germany.

Are you ready to go to formnext show at Frankfurt, Germany? Don’t forget to visit us at start-up area booth 3.1. Bring your business card and exchange a free secret gift at our booth.

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