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2203, 2021

2021, 3/24-3/25 臺英積層製造虛實整合交流會議

March 22nd, 2021|Media Exposure, News release|

光宇生醫 很高興受邀參加英國在台協會與工研院所舉辦的臺英積層製造虛實整合交流會議,時間在3/24與3/25的下午四點,我們預計會在第二天週四下午進行15分鐘的簡介與討論,歡迎有興趣者上網報名加入線上會議(線上免費會議)。 會議連結如下 On Thursday afternoon, we are very exciting

212, 2020
  • 光宇生醫參與 新竹竹科管理局 12/2舉辦「2020疫後新視界.眺望ICT商機」與研發精進成果展出。光宇生醫研製之高精密變速溫控系統於積層製造列印關鍵模組,歡迎大家參與會議討論。 ABT announced the new IOT embedded extruder for medical 3D printing application . This RPCP project is granted from Hsinchu science park from 2019.5-2020.5.

2020 研發精進產學合作計畫 期末發表會

December 2nd, 2020|Company Progress, News release|

3011, 2020
  • 光宇生醫參與2020創新醫材新趨勢暨產學合作成果發表會並且發表由國內科技部支持研發的[高複雜人工耳殼植入式產品設計開發與臨床服務流程],從本公司研發的高分子複合材料及醫療等級的高階植入式醫材積層製造技術,結合臨床數位製造,從合作夥伴醫院端快速且正確導入客製化設計,並經由國際需求之醫療器材驗證場域與動物模型驗證,縮短臨床需求導入實際產品商業化之鴻溝,有效串聯醫院與產品開發端之資源,經由優化後的積層製造機台,快速將臨床需求轉譯成產品規格,以縮短產品上市之時程。 ABT announce the 2019 New RD project accomplishment. In this project granted from Taiwan MOST (2019-2020), a smart medical device AM manufacturing system for customized microtia is developed for patients who suffered from appearance asymmetry. Both biomaterials and manufacturing systems of the with mechanics, biodegradability and biocompatibility properties are also investigated. Upon medical image (DICOM) input from clinical image center, we integrates whole medical device R&D pipeline from image working flow, materials selection and post processing. Based on our patented core technologies, with proprietary additively manufacturing machines , we verified with artificial auricle implant with animal model testing and commercialization process.

2020 跨業整合生醫躍進專案計畫 成果發表

November 30th, 2020|Company Progress, News release|

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