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Polymers & Ceramics Composite Materials

Polycaprolactone / Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) blending with distinic ratio of ceramics.


FDA device master file (MAF) registered. safe and high quality raw materials.


biodegradable materials, various degradation time (9-15 months).

Design for FDM printing system

we provide 1.75mm and 3.00 mm standard filament diameter for FDM system printer.

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Customization Service

– Features –

1.0-3.00mm filament diameter

We can customize filaments with specific diameter for clients.

P% : C% composite filament

We can customize specific polymer & polymer/ ceramics filaments for clients.

3DP Implants

With proprietary 3D printing platform, we provide comprehensive medical OEM/ODM service for all kinds of customers.


Medical devices, medical components…etc. we help client to realize their medical products. 

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2020 12/3-12/6 醫療科技展 創新技術特展 Taiwan Healthcare+ InnoZone

November 22nd, 2020|Comments Off on 2020 12/3-12/6 醫療科技展 創新技術特展 Taiwan Healthcare+ InnoZone

光宇生醫將參加2020醫療科技展,InnoZone創新技術特展 本公司所推出之產品MeDFila®為已獲准美國FDA原料主檔案MAF建立之醫療級原料,透過高分子材料PCL/PLGA與不同比例陶瓷混合製成之線材,可應用在3D列印生醫應用的不同領域中,包括牙科、植入物、醫療零件、藥物篩選、組織工程等應用。除了線材外,本公司也同步與臨床醫院進行合作,透過本公司研發的高分子複合材料及醫療等級的高階植入式醫材積層製造技術,結合臨床數位影像建模製造,從醫院端快速且正確導入客製化設計。 Advanced Biomedical Technology attend Taiwan Healthcare+ InnoZone 12/3-12/6 MeDFila® has been approved by the FDA. Different composition of specific polymer & polymer/ceramic filaments can use in a wide range of medical needs,

Business Adjustments due to COVID-19 Pandemic / 公司營運業務調整公告

September 2nd, 2020|Comments Off on Business Adjustments due to COVID-19 Pandemic / 公司營運業務調整公告

Business Adjustments due to COVID-19 Pandemic Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc. announced today that it has determined temporary stop all customization services business. The filament business is still in operation, clients who would like

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