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We are looking for global partners for market expansion

Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc. supplies medical-grade 3D printing filaments for medical applications. MeDFila® represents the brand-mark for medical-grade 3D printing filaments, including pure polymer filament and polymer-bioceramics filament. Both kinds of filaments are consisting of bioabsorbable materials, commonly applying for implantable medical device design and biomedical research. We are currently looking for new partners in Europe and North America.

Potential of MeDFila® for medical industry

  • Personalized healthcare is the future;
  • Growing demand of 3D printing in medical application;
  • Pure filament type and composite filament type for various medical domains;
  • Quality assurance by complying global safety standards for medical products (FDA MAF, biocompatibility);
  • Customizable production scale;
  • Massive production scale.

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