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Workshop | Application of biodegradable medical-grade filaments

Our CEO Bruce Chen was invited to give a talk about the application of biodegradable 3DP material for orthopedic implant at Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Shanghai JiaoTong University Schools of Medicine in China. Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital is a leading hospital which provides 3D printing medical service to patients. In the meeting, Bruce shared his

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Material getting involv more in 3D printing

The world leading chemical company head into AM field with a strategic partner. It’s shown the great and bright future with AM integration with raw materials supplier. And we both find the image processing and materials property are synergized for better application. See the news"Optimizing materials and software for 3D printing" As a medical-grade 3D

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Using 3D Printing for Tissue Engineering Research?

Additive manufacturing (AM) has become popular and significant potential as a fabrication method in creating different type of scaffold for tissue engineering.  A researcher could easy to create a proper structure for a specific purpose by 3D printing. However, to choose a right material with good quality is very important for a successful research. MeDFila

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New office for Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc, in Hsinchu Science Park

Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc, (ABT) announced that its office in Hsinchu Biomedical Park, which was first opened in 2016, has now relocated to a larger facility in the Hsinchu Science Park. The new headquarters office of Advanced Biomedical Technology in Hsinchu, Taiwan Bruce Chen, CEO of ABT said “As a medical grade biodegradable

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