Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc. launch PCL-graphene and PCL-graphene oxide 3D printing filament for biomedical research.

Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc. (ABT) today announced that it can offer new 3D printing filaments, PCL-graphene filament and PCL-graphene oxide filament. Graphene has been used more and more widely in recent years. In addition to industrial applications, researchers are also actively exploring the application of graphene in the biomedical field. With ABT’s unique filament manufacturing platform, ABT has successfully developed a special process to mix graphene(0.5%) and graphene oxide (0.5%) with polycaprolactone (PCL) and stably produce filament. With our graphene and graphene oxide 3D printing filaments, researcher could realize more ideas through 3D printing technology. If you are interested in graphene printing filament, please contact us.

Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc. offers filament customization service, including diameter, polymer/ceramic composite, and polymer/inorganics composite. We offer small-quantity (start from 50g) and flexible manufacturing services. If your are looking for filament customization service with special materials, please contact us.