During the COVID 19 pandemic, we hope everyone will be good. During the hard condition we met,  we still keep our RD activity and collect the hottest data from the animal study  with our materials and printing system. After 3 month implantation, here we show the promising neotissue growth within our AM BONE GRAFT  (including trabecular bone  and some neovascularizaton found with H&E histological examination)

  • No critical biocompatible issue is observed after long-term implantation, including gross morphology and histological stain.

  • The new bone formation is happening at the interface after implantation (see the arrow), indicating osteointegration in between host bone and the implant is succeeded.

  • Additionally, from the 4w ‘or 12w’ postoperation histological stain,the new bone ingrowth into the interconnective pore of the implant, indicating an osseous-like microenvironment would recruit the precursor cells, such as osteoblasts and bone marrow stromal cells from the implantation, prompting the new bone formation for the defect repair.