Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc. has received two grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) this year.   2019 Biomedical Leap Projects for Cross-industry Integration and 2019 R&D and innovation-based Industry-academia Collaboration Projects are most important and prospective government science project in Taiwan for all company which based in Science Park.

From these two projects, ABT Inc. is going to collaborate with plastic & reconstructive surgery department to define and discover the potential treatment strategy and benefits for microtia patients by using ABTs medical 3D printing total solution.

ABTs novel AM system aims at providing a next-generation total solution for medical 3D printing application. said Dr. Bruce Chen, CEO of ABT.   Additive manufacturing is becoming an ideal way to help surgeons get curve fitting and complex structure implant. It could save time to process the traditional implant before the surgery, especially for the implant will affect the appearance shape of patients. The government grant could help us collaborate with doctors and find out the best way to link customization service with the hospital.

Advanced Biomedical Technology Inc. (ABT Inc.) is a start-up located in Hsinchu Science Park who specialized in developing medical-grade material and service for medical 3D printing applications. Focus on providing realizable different medical grade 3D printing material and one-stop shop medical implant printing service to clients.