PCL has been approved by the FDA and offers a suitable material for 3D printing scaffolds due to high crystallinity and a low melting point. ….. The materials are already in use for a wide range of medical needs, including cranial repairs, screws to fix bone fractures, systems with sustained-release mechanisms, and already for use as a 3D printing matrix for hydroxyapatite scaffolds. PCL is also a bioabsorbable material that is deemed exceptionally safe…..

Due to high integration of new technology and biomaterials composite, There are more and more new preclinical animal study and human case study for distinct indication. For better bone integration with biodegradable polymer and ceramics mixture. Our MeDFila® PCL series offer alternative medical grade filament for such research topic and easier to bridge to product realization( or commercialization). Welcome all researcher from industrial and academic for further collaboration. For more information about PCL series filaments, please visit MeDFila®.

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