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Polymers & Ceramics Composite Materials

Polycaprolactone / Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) blending with distinic ratio of ceramics.


FDA device master file (MAF) registered. safe and high quality raw materials.


biodegradable materials, various degradation time (9-15 months).

Design for FDM printing system

we provide 1.75mm and 3.00 mm standard filament diameter for FDM system printer.

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Customization Service

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1.0-3.00mm filament diameter

We can customize filaments with specific diameter for clients.

P% : C% composite filament

We can customize specific polymer & polymer/ ceramics filaments for clients.

3DP Implants

With proprietary 3D printing platform, we provide comprehensive medical OEM/ODM service for all kinds of customers.


Medical devices, medical components…etc. we help client to realize their medical products. 

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Media Exposure

“ABT’s experienced medical background and business acumen have bagged the testimonials of the Taiwanese and American markets for excellence in 3D printing of medical devices and implants” <read more>

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獲美國FDA核准註冊,光宇生醫科技醫療級可降解3D列印材料前進美國波士頓MEDTECH Conference大展

September 25th, 2019|Comments Off on 獲美國FDA核准註冊,光宇生醫科技醫療級可降解3D列印材料前進美國波士頓MEDTECH Conference大展

光宇生醫科技股份有限公司於9月23日至9月25日於美國波士頓MEDTECH Conference中展出醫療級可降解3D列印線材與醫療級3D列印服務。光宇生醫為台灣首家取得美國FDA MAF核准註冊醫療級生物可降解3D列印線材的材料新創公司,其所創立的品牌MeDFila®聚焦在提供安全可靠的醫療等級材料,給予專業人士或醫療植入物製造商使用。